Friday, February 4, 2011

DannyBoy Text Review: Transformers 2010 Hubcap

Hello everyone, DannyBoy here text reviewing the 2010 Transformers Hubcap. Hubcap is one in a huge group of Movie-to-now scout class figures that have been fantstic! Hubcap has this really old-timey looking car mode, which I knew I had to get, mostly because of how much I enjoyed the Twins ice cream truck. although for an old car, he sure is looking pretty good. Like on Cybertronian Bumblebee, Hubcap has an Autobot logo on his hood, colored in black however to not clash with his already vibrant red. Which is strange considering that we’ve often had red Transformers who just had the insignia outlined. Now one thing I find strange is the fact that there is no license plate, but its a minor quip.

Hubcap in robot mode has that movie appearance that makes him more realistic, but thrown in with that Classics/Universe 2.0/Generations look that all us Transformers fan love. Like on Bumblebee, the front grill of the car folds down to become his chest. Now let’s take a look at the legs. On the back these panels don’t look like they are forming right but trust me, this is how they form. I would have liked if Hasbro had made these thigh panels move forward a little and the allow the ankle panels to go up some, because it would have made the legs look a lot better. Taking a look at the feet we see that they look an awful lot like a particular mecha anime series robot feet.

Another thing I have a nitpick about is the orange on his legs and face. It feels out of place, I wish they would have made it silver. And while we’re on things I wish were different, the wheels that form the shoulders I wish could have been folded down to make more of an armored feel. Hubcap also is compatible with the 3mm clip system that allows you to swap weapons between figures.

Overall, I think that this toy is a good buy for a hardcore fan or a casual fan, and hey its cheap. This has been a DannyBoy Text Review and thank you for Reading. Roll out.

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